1/1/2011, Session 1, Day 1

Emmanuel, street urchin and psychic
Borf, shadow hunter of Hades
Circe, supreme sorceress

It begins! Emmanuel finds Borf and Circe on their asses, just as confused, as bits of paper still float down to the ground. Before anyone can say anything, blood surges out of the shredded picture book. A ten-foot-long blade pierces up from the lake of blood, followed by a giant figure shrouded in a cloak made of writhing red flesh. This is the Bloody Cloak Thing.

Borf tries to attack the giant, which swats him into a brick wall, nearly killing him. Emmanuel uses his light-producing bottle to temporarily blind the creature, and the group opts to run down the dead-end alley, where they find a manhole. They drop into the sewers just as the Bloody Cloak Thing reaches the manhole; Emmanuel uses his psychic powers to move the cover back into place.

The group find themselves in a decadent train station from ages past, built for the ultra-rich but never used due to cave-ins. Borf scouts ahead or a place to recover from nearly dying and discovers a gilded, overly ornate train sheeted in spider webs; Circe tries the other end of the tunnel and finds a sheer cliff down into the dark. Emmanuel, meanwhile, notices that blood is dripping through the cracks of the manhole into the water around his ankles. He races to catch up with the others.

Fearing he will need to make a quick escape, Borf has Circe transform him into a giant, dog-sized bat. However, the webbing in the train prevents him from flying, so he instead crawls to the rear of the cabin and discovers a locked door. The sword of the Bloody Cloak Thing chops through the rear half of the train, over and over, shredding the angelic murals on the ceiling and spraying glass everywhere.

Circe and Emmanuel scramble into the front cabin with Borf. Emmanuel channels a tremendous blast of psychic energy at the rear cabin, hurtling it and the Bloody Cloak Thing into the darkness of the ravine. Crashing echoes reach their ears, and the ground heaves, as if from a minor earthquake. His abilities nearly exhausted, Emmanuel retreats deeper into the cabin while Circe guards the door.

The lights in the spiderweb-filled train flicker to life as Borf jury-rigs the power system with his little bat-thumbs. He also discovers a richly sculpted organ-like instrument at the control panels and gets the train to move—very, very slowly tearing free from the spider webs that bind it in place.

Circe sees the Bloody Cloak Thing stalk out of the darkness by the ravine, sword in hand, clearly very pissed off. Chunks of the ground behind it fall off into the ravine, which is widening rapidly, even as the train finally starts to pick up speed. Borf returns to his shadow-human form and takes up position on the roof of the train.

The train roars down the tunnel, chased by the Bloody Cloak Thing and by the widening chasm. AS the ground give way beneath the giant, it impales its sword through the train, knocking Circe unconscious in the process.

Borf fires arrows of pure darkness into its head and the Thing tumbles off, hanging from its sword by a pulsating length of its flesh-cloak. The weight of the creature threatens to slow the train down enough to prevent it from outrunning the collapse. Fortunately, Emmanuel has climbed onto the roof of the train and, with a momentous effort of willpower, calls upon his exhausted telekinetic powers to lift the blade free, sending the Bloody Cloak Thing howling into the dark.


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